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Edge Award

Illinois Tech offers Edge Awards to forward-thinking students to help them fund future Elevate experiences. You can earn Edge Awards by participating in certain experiential learning opportunities at Illinois Tech prior to and during your enrollment. The awards are stackable, meaning that you can accumulate multiple Edge Awards.

Edge Awards Support Your Elevate Experiences

Current Illinois Tech Students

If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree-seeking program at Illinois Tech, you can use Edge Awards to cover direct expenses related to any Elevate experience. This includes:
  • Tuition for study away and research opportunities
  • Travel, transportation, meals, and lodging fees for study away, internships, and research opportunities
  • Program fees for short courses, workshops, and competitions
To view additional Elevate experiences—such as internships, research, study away, and other opportunities—available to Illinois Tech students, we encourage you to explore our Elevate portal.

Browse Elevate Portal

Prospective Undergraduate Students

Rising high school 9th–12th graders can use Edge Awards for any upcoming Elevate College Prep experience, including summer programs and dual enrollment courses.

How You Can Earn Edge Awards

Opportunities to earn Edge Awards are available throughout the year for prospective and current Illinois Tech undergraduate and graduate students. The most popular way to earn an Edge Award is by completing a virtual internship.
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Edge Award FAQs

  • Incoming and current Illinois Tech undergraduate and graduate students can redeem their Edge Awards for any qualified Elevate experience listed in the Elevate portal while they are enrolled at Illinois Tech. New students must submit an enrollment deposit to use their Edge Award for an Elevate experience. 
  • High school students can redeem their Edge Awards for any qualified Elevate College Prep experience occurring prior to their high school graduation.

You may request funding using our electronic form: Funding Request Electronic Form. Email elevate@iodrama.com with questions.

View policies and procedures

Once you earn an Edge Award, you will receive an email from Illinois Tech outlining the amount you’ve earned from your most recent activity. To check your Edge Award balance, contact elevate@iodrama.com.

Although there is no limit to the number of experiential learning opportunities you may participate in, students are able to earn a maximum total of $5,000 in Edge Awards, with no more than $1,000 being account from virtual internships (two per students).
You may use your Edge award to cover summer course tuition as well as summer housing in our residence halls.
  • Current Illinois Tech undergraduate and graduate students must be enrolled at the university to apply their Edge Awards toward Elevate experiences. Edge Awards expire at the time of degree completion.
  • High school students may use their Edge Awards toward any qualified Elevate College Prep experience. If students pursue their bachelor’s degree at Illinois Tech, they may apply any remaining Edge Awards toward qualified Elevate experiences. If a student does not enroll at Illinois Tech, their Edge Awards expire at the time of high school graduation.