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Beacon Education (China Online)

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The China Online Program is designed for working professionals and students who reside in China. Working in partnership with Beacon Education, Illinois Tech is leveraging the comprehensive teaching and learning platform that was designed and optimized in China to provide an outstanding educational experience. The Beacon team consists of Tsinghua University graduates whose vision is:

“The transformation of global education through a comprehensive, high-quality, and innovative online teaching and learning platform. The efficient and effective development of knowledge and skills to help learners, educators, and employers prepare for the future of work. The availability and accessibility of the world’s leading educational experiences through the power of the internet.”

Currently eight programs are available to students residing in China through the China Online Program. Please click the links below for more details:

Application Requirements for Working Professionals

  • GRE scores are waived
  • TOEFL is replaced by an interview

Are you interested in starting your degree program in China online, but would like to finish your studies in the United States? Go here for more information.

If you have questions regarding admission to Illinois Tech, contact the Office of Graduate Admission at gradmpartner@iodrama.com.

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GRE is recommended but not mandatory for programs offered with Beacon Education for applicants in China.
TOEFL is recommended but alternative testing options and interviews are available. Please discuss with your program advisor at Beacon Education for more details.
Your diploma and transcripts will not indicate that the degree is completed online. The diploma and transcripts will be identical to those of a student who completes his or her studies on campus. The on-campus and online programs have the same courses, same syllabi, and are taught by the same faculty.
Yes. Once you are admitted to the online program, you will have the same resources as on-campus students including students’ accounts, registration status, library services, etc. You can apply to IIT before the semester starts if you want to transfer to on-campus study. IIT will issue the I-20 form and you will need to apply for your F1-Visa before you travel.
On-campus graduate students typically find housing options around the campus.
It depends on how many courses you take each semester. IIT engineering programs typically have 30-32 credits. If you take 2 courses a semester, it takes about 18 months to complete the entire program. 
You can finish the entire degree program within 6 years.
Yes, you can apply for OPT but it's not guaranteed unless guidelines are followed. Please work with the International Office during the OPT application process.
There is a chance to roll into a Ph.D. program. It is a separate process through Graduate Admission and Beacon can get you in touch with the grad admission team.
Beacon Education is not an agent. Beacon Education Limited, along with its affiliates (广州彼岸花开京华学校网络有现有限) is the exclusive authorized service provider for the online and hybrid degree programs for students in China.
Tuition and fees will be facilitated by our partner, Beacon Education Limited, along with its affiliates (武汉之岸京华文化教育创新科技十分有限有限公司英文), who will support you through payment, enrollment, and study.