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Upcoming Courses

Each term the Illinois Tech Pre-college team selects a handful of courses high school students are eligible to take at a discounted rate of $300. For a list of next term’s selected courses please check below.

Computer Science Track

Illinois Tech offers dual enrollment courses with our Department of Computer Science each semester.

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Additional Courses

BIOL 114: Introduction to Human Biology

  This course, designed for non-majors in biology, covers selected topics in biology of particular relevance to humans and to human health and disease. Topics include: Introductory biochemistry and cell structure, organization, and regulation of body systems; human genetics; human development; biotechnology; introduction to human pathogens and infectious diseases including sexually transmitted diseases and immunologic diseases such as AIDS; human ecology; and human evolution. CREDITS: 3

Course Details: In-person (Mies Campus) Tuesdays 5 pm - 7:30 pm

PSYC 301: Industrial Psychology

  Survey of practical applications of psychology to problems of business and industry: work attitudes and behavior; employee selection; morale; safety; turnover; absenteeism; and training. CREDITS: 3

Course Details: In-person (Mies Campus) Tuesdays and Thursdays 5 pm - 6:15 pm

ITMD 361: Fundamentals of Web Development

  This course will cover the creation of Web pages and sites using HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and graphical applications as well as the client and server architecture of the Internet and related web technologies. The creation and deployment of modern, standards-compliant web pages are addressed. Students create and deploy a Web site with multiple pages and cross-linked structures. CREDITS: 3

Course Details: Online (Asynchronous) 

ITM: 313: Intro to Open Source App Development

  Introduces basic concepts of systems programming using a modern open source language. Students learn to apply basic programming concepts toward solving problems, writing pseudocode, working with and effectively using basic data types, abstract data types, control structures, code modularization and arrays. They will learn to detect errors, work with variables and loops, and discover how functions, methods, and operators work with different data types. Students will be introduced to the object paradigm including classes, inheritance, and polymorphism. CREDITS: 3

Course Details: Online (Asynchronous) 

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